Friday, December 19, 2008

Tips on getting tips a ready mix driver

Getting good tips as a cement truck or ready mix driver!!!

1) Always be polite.

2) don''t take it upon yourself to mix the load always ask.

3) Remember that you can always add more water you cant take it out the contractor might give you a number that does not match in your head.

For example a Contractor might tell you a seven when he really wants a 6 or 5 1/2

4) Don't Kill 'his crew they are like family treat them like humans not just for the tip.
These guys work hard and own business and will more then take care of you then also.

5)Work as a team if a window on a storefront gets cement get out ask to spray it with you hose, This is a quick spray. Don''t wet the cement to much.

6) Wash his tools the sidewalk or apron and leave him with a wheel barrel full of water.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Commercial Driver Training Drive Slow and in control

The video below From: YouTube user joesailor8 shows from the point of view that there is a lot going on around the driver. You can here a lady say I am not moving my fffnnn car. Right there is a Neighbor voicing her jealousy about a bigger house going up to close to theres. This happens all the time. She said she would not move her car. If that is her daugther running out between the truck and all you hear is the a male saying did you see that she allmost fell that was his main concern. He should be telling her not to do it but watch the ending as she runs back before the truck is done amazing.

This is why you need to keep the music low as you roll as I say. You can here someone say why don't he hurry up already and just do it. The driver wants to go slow so that when peoples kids run under a tire while they are filming and complaining about the car that they wont move and the kid they wont control. There is time for a spotter to grab the drivers attention or the driver to notice at a lower speeds.

The video below is cement truck doing his job as people get in his way

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dumping cement with a front loader cement truck through a pump

This is a job where the cement needed to be pumped to the top. In this video you will only see the top end of the line where the work was being done. And a view of the cement mixer front loader in this case. You will not see the pump in this video I will show the pump and foundation tomorrow.

This video was taken by

In the video below you will find info on how cement is pumped to a remote location using a pump truck.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dumping a premature load

This next video show the power Woman,Trucks and a man ability to dump his load to early . This video was found on MetaCafe Submitter:ilko_air and it is so funny even more so if you had woman problems, drive a cement mixer and jump the gun before knowing all the facts Enjoy.

This video below will teach you to hold your load longer before blowing off steam.

Below is a video of a cement truck driver duping a load of cement in the wrong spot

Cement Truck Driver - The most popular videos are a click away
Video su

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Learn to drive and operate a rear loader cement mixer

Learn to drive a rear loader this video show how to operate one. It shows the levers and valves and and drum rotation. Also it shows water source and how to use it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to use the six wheel drive on a front loader cement mixe

How to use the six wheel drive on a front loader mixer the one you see here in the video belongs to Quality Ready mix in New Hyde park Li NY. I am proud to say I drove for this company they run a clean ship when it comes to the trucks. Cleaning them every night they are never dirty and makes you feel like a king when you drive in them. And when it come to on time Performence and Quality Cement. This is what keeps drivers and gives them pride in the company they work for.

In the video below is a how to drive a cement truck tutorial or front loader as they are widly known and how to use the six wheel drive . This video is to help others when it comes to commercial driver Training.